Participate in our study on the attractiveness of Montréal

To study the reasons why the city of Montréal is considered as attractive, this questionnaire aims to better understand why migrants have considered to live in Montréal instead of other cities and the impacts of COVID-19 on its attractiveness.

With the generalization of telecommuting, downtown Montréal has been emptied of its workers, leading to an exodus of some of them to the suburbs. It is therefore important to have the opinion of the different ethnic communities that make up the urban fabric of Montréal. Their perception of the city and its attractiveness will allow us to write a report providing solutions representing the diversity that is the strong core of the city of Montreal.

In Quebec, more than 50% of the population and 52% of the GDP are realized in the CMA, and these indicators have been increasing for about a decade.
The performance of the metropolis has benefited from advantageous conditions in recent years. The 4th edition of the Metropolitan Area Scorecard published jointly by the CCMM and the IDQ in August 2019 reports enviable economic growth, but with issues of productivity, human capital and talent shortages. While it is recognized that Montréal sits at the top of cities for quality of life, its overall attractiveness is rather average.

It is completely confidential and takes approximately 8 minutes to complete.
There are two cards of 100$ to win.

Here is the questionnaire in English.

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